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Data Back Up from £45

We can back up all your user data, transfer to USB Flash Drive / External Hard Drive or place in a folder on your Laptop or Desktop PC. You can only transfer Data i.e. Documents, Pictures, Music, Video, Favourites, Downloads. You cannot transfer Program Files. This can also be done even if the PC or Laptop does not turn on.


Data Transfer from £60

We can transfer all your user data, transfer it to any PC System or Laptop. Put the data back into the relevant user folders, transfer favourites, setup and configure your iTunes, setup and configure your email, install your printer.

Data Recovery from £99

If your hard drive is having issues, there  is a possibility that we can still recover data, also if you have deleted files that you didn’t mean too, we can try and retrieve the data back. The more you use a failing hard drive the less likely we are able to retrieve your data. Before we start any processes, we would assess your drive first, if we cannot recover your data,  we do not charge any fee and would make a recommendation for a trusted Data Recovery Specialist company (see details below).

Specialist Data Recovery

If your hard disk is not reading or is physically damaged, then it’s highly likely you’ll need the services of a data recovery specialist. With failed or failing hard drives or USB devices you often only have one chance at recovering the data, so it’s important to seek help from a data recovery specialist, with the correct skills, equipment and facilities to work on your device. We work closely with EADR based in Norfolk, these are highly skilled professionals and have in depth knowledge in this field, please feel free to contact them directly.

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Hard Drive Health Check £30

We can inform you the performance of your hard drive to determine whether or not it has deteriorated. Hard Drives can not be fixed if they are going faulty and your data may be at risk.

Data Destruction (Pricing on Request) *

We can arrange for your hard drive to be securely erased using Government approved CESG certified Data Erasure software that is guaranteed to render all data totally unrecoverable. A certificate of data destruction is provided for your records.


Hard Drive Shredding (Pricing on Request) *

We can arrange for your hard drive to be securely shredded, Hard drives are physically destroyed ensuring information is unrecoverable. A certificate of media destruction is provided for your records.


*minimum quantities may apply.

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