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No appointment is necessary, we have a large retail shop with extensive on-site workshop facilities where we are able to fix problems in a clean environment whilst maintaining efficiency and a speedy service at the same time. Extreme cases may need to stay in the shop longer but we will always advise you in advance.

When bringing your pc or laptop to our premises, please ensure that you bring your laptop charger and any special power adapters for your desktop pc if your connection is not standard. We will always require the original laptop charger where possible.


If you are unsure on what to bring to the shop then please contact a member of staff for advice.


If you are unable to bring the computer to us, we can for a small charge of to collect

and return your PC locally to the shop.



t is important to maintain your computer on a regular basis to help prevent system crashes and to optimize your computers performance. Computer Systems can become clogged due to the constant installing of programs, internet browsing and general day to day use. Just as a car has an oil change, your computer operating system, known as "windows" needs regular attention.


You may have noticed that your computer isn't as fast as it used to be.

We will perform a comprehensive health check to optimise your computer system to the best of it's ability.

We can also recommend system upgrades including replacing existing hard drives with faster Solid Sate

hard drives and increasing the memory (RAM) to improve system performance.

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