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The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Aerocool traditionally designs products targeting users with a penchant for style, as well as those who appreciate value for money.
The Aerocool Rift from the PGS-V series is designed for demanding case enthusiasts looking for a robust yet stylish case. The sleek and elegant Midi-Tower offers a dual-chamber design, RGB lighting, an acrylic glass side panel and a cleverly constructed interior.


  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Acrylic glass side panel
  • Integrated RGB lighting with 13 unique lighting modes
  • Dual-chamber design
  • Ingenious design that enables multiple configuration options


  • The black Aerocool Rift represents a striking yet simple design choice, one that benefits from clean lines and RGB lighting that includes 13 unique modes. The top includes, apart from the power- and reset buttons, a modern yet practical I/O panel that is easy to access. This includes audio in/out, a card reader, USB 3.0- and two USB 2.0 ports.

    After taking in the view of the front and the top of the case, the eye is naturally drawn towards the stylish side panel made entirely from acrylic glass , allowing users to enjoy an attractive unobstructed view of the PC's interior. The completely black interior is separated into two chambers to help separate hotter components from one another, thereby improving the effectiveness of the case's cooling. The large primary chamber on the left side holds the CPU and graphics card(s) while the right chamber stores the other components which do not require significant cooling. Additionally, the Aerocool Rift includes a cage in the bottom part of the case which also serves as a cover for the drive cage and the PSU cables, while also offering two slots for 120 mm fans to help keep your graphics card well-supplied with fresh air. This elegant yet minimalist design brings with it an assortment of advantages, especially when it comes to thermals and cable management.

    In order to provide all of the hardware installed in the Aerocool Rift with adequate airflow, the case provides for up to seven 120 mm fans. The front of the case can be equipped for pulling in fresh air with the help of up to three 120 mm fans or one 120 mm radiator. One pre-installed 120 mm fan in the rear is responsible for pushing hot air out of the case. The case also optionally supports the installation of a 120 mm fan in the roof. The ATX power supply in the bottom of the case is thermally separated from the rest of the case's airflow, needless to say this adds to the tidy overall look of the case's interior. In order to keep the case clean and free of dust, Aerocool has thoughtfully included removable dust filters in the base and roof of the case.

    The variety of configuration options open to users is another impressive aspect of the Aerocool Rift, offering a drive cage supporting up to two 3,5"- or 2,5" drives as well as three additional mounting locations inside for 2,5"-SSDs/HDDs. If you sacrifice the front fan, this enables an increase to the maximum length of the installed graphics card from 346 to 371 mm. The CPU cooler can be up to 155 mm tall and the large cut-out in the motherboard tray behind the CPU socket makes mounting any ATX-, Micro-ATX- or Mini-ITX board a breeze. PSUs can be up to 180 mm long. Multiple openings between the chambers also ease the process of cable management inside the case.

Aerocool Rift RGB Midi-Tower Case - Black Window


    About AeroCool

    AeroCool is one of the market leaders in the 'Gaming Market'. Their strong brand and product image are well received by gamers and enthusiasts world-wide. They offer a full line of performance products including gaming cases, gaming PSUs, gaming mouse, gaming headsets, gaming keyboard, gaming headsets, multi-functional panels and fans.

    AeroCool will continue to innovate and deliver the good user experience to gamers world-wide.

  • Technical Details:

    • Dimensions: 210 x 500 x 497 mm (W x H x D)
    • Material: Steel (0,5 mm), plastic
    • Weight: approx. 3,7 kg
    • Colour: Black
    • Form factor: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
    • Total possible fans:
      1x 120 mm (roof)
      3x 120 mm (front)
      1x 120 mm (rear)
    • 2x 120 mm (PSU shroud)
    • Pre-installed:
      1x 120 mm (rear)
    • Radiator Mountings (forfeits fan slots):
      1x max. 120 mm (front)
    • Filter: PSU, roof (removable)
    • Drive Bays:
      2x 3,5/2,5" (drive cage)
      5x 2,5" (3 x 2.5" internal and 2 x 2.5" in drive cage)
    • PSU: 1x Standard ATX (optional)
    • Expansion slots: 7
    • I/O Panel:
      1x USB 3.0
      2x USB 2.0
      1x Audio In/Out
      SD card reader
    • Max PSU length: approx. 180 mm
    • Max GPU length: 346 mm (371 mm without front fan)
    • Max CPU cooler height: 155 mm
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