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Asus Cerberus Speed Gaming Mouse mat

A gaming mouse pad designed with luxurious fine-weave fabric for smooth motion and precise control.

Luxurious fine-weave fabric: Fast gliding movement

Works with all sensor types and sensitivity: Pixel-precise tracking

Fray-resistant design: Embroidered edge for better feel, comfort and durability

Luxurious fine-weave fabric

Smooth and flat surface ensures mouse glides quickly across the entire pad with zero hindrance — just perfect for games that demand fast, efficient movement.

Works with all sensor types and sensitivity

Optimised fabric allows pixel-precise tracking no matter whether you use an optical or laser mouse.

Fray-resistant design

The embroidered edge has undergone intensive testing, providing better feel, comfort and durability.

ASUS CERBERUS Speed Gaming Pad



  • Product Type Mouse pad
    Product Material Fabric
    Width 40 cm
    Depth 30 cm
    Thickness 0.4 cm
    Weight 270 g
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