Enjoy your favourite music, whether on the PC or any other audio source. The AVENZA 2.1 Subwoofer System delivers the ultimate in balanced multimedia sound. Its front controls let you conveniently adjust the volume level and rich bass. What’s more, the AVENZA 2.1 Subwoofer System will look great wherever you put it thanks to its perfectly shaped, slim design. The metal mesh grills on the front of the satellites are designed to match the subwoofer system’s slim design perfectly while protecting them from damage.

Avenza 2.1 Subwoofer System, Black


    • Active 2.1 speaker system
    • 14W RMS output power (total)
    • frequency range of 50Hz to 20kHz
    • powerful bass-reflex subwoofer with wooden enclosure for pounding bass
    • practical volume and bass controls on the front
    • satellite speakers offer optimum sound projection and feature Metal Mesh Protection
    • compact, Slim Design
    • on/off switch and auto power-saving function for zero power wastage
    • rubber feet for acoustic decoupling
    • ultimate multimedia performance for games and movies
    • ideal for PCs and other audio sources with a 3.5mm connector such as MP3 players or smartphones
    • easy installation
    • dimensions: subwoofer 160 × 225 × 215mm (W × D × H), satellites 75 × 95 × 160mm (W × D × H) × 2