Dominate the driver line-up! The Black Bolt has all the functions you need to cross the finishing line first. This racing wheel tops the leader board with its precise steering and extensive feature set. It's also equipped with a pedal block and shifter paddles for maximum realism - essential for racing sims. The unique cruise mode lets you control your speed automatically - while the two vibration motors will get your adrenalin pumping when smashing opponents out of the way and when in hot pursuit.

Black Bolt Racing Wheel for PC with Vibration Effects and Pedals, Black

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  • Features
    - PC Racing Wheel, Essential for Racing Sims
    - Suitable for PC Platform
    - Precise Pedals for Gas And Brakes
    - Compatible with all Windows Games, Xinput and Directinput
    - Powerful Vibration Effects Deliver a Highly Realistic Gaming
    - Cruise Mode for Automatic Speed Control
    - Extreme Grip Side Grips
    - Perfect Steering Precision for Superior Control
    - Ultra-Precise Digital D-Pad
    - 12 Front Buttons Plus 2 Hotkeys
    - Fully Customisable Button And Pedal Configs
    - Configurable Sensitivity Setting and Vibration Strength
    - Rapid-Access Shifter Paddles
    - Large 180 Degree Steering Lock
    - Suction Cups for Ultimate Stability
    - 1.9m Cable
    - 1.6m Pedal-Unit Cable
    - Racing Wheel Dimensions (WxDxH): 238 x 296 x 260 mm
    - Pedal Unit Dimensions (WxDxH): 174 x 188 x 96 mm