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  • The head beam is durable and can be adjusted according to the head size. The soft material fit different size heads, expanding the contact surface, improving the stability and comfort of wearing for a long time
  • Using high-air-tightness ear pads, with certain thickness is soft to fit the auricle, which can comfortably listen to the magnificent bass
  • Card insertion mode, MP3 card insertion to play, can also be used without mobile phone connection to Bluetooth, play as you like(TF card supports 32G maximum)

Celebrat Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Mic Black, Blue or Red



    • Bluetooth Chip : JL6925F
    • Bluetooth Version : V5.0
    • Drive Unit : 40mm
    • Transmission Distance : =10m
    • Standby Time : About 80H
    • Battery Capacity : 200mAh
    • Charging Time : About 2.5H
    • Music Time : About 5H(70% Volume)
    • Call Time : About 4.5H(90% Volume)
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