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Dual Chamber System

This advanced design allows Phontum S drivers to deliver a clearer distinction between bass, mid and treble audio outputs by increasing the space available for pressure releases. Start enjoying high-fidelity audio in your games!

Extra-large Drivers with Graphene Diaphragms

53mm drivers are equipped with graphene diaphragms that deliver audio with virtually no distortions.

9.7mm of Clear Voice

Phontum S premium 9.7mm cardioid microphone transfers your voice clearly to your friends and teammates, ensuring an optimal online (in-game and off-game) chatting experience.

Dual Earpad, Dual Life

Clear, light and portable audio with extra-fresh fabric surface for your travels and commutes. A high-isolation quality audio experience for your home. Clear, light and portable audio for your travels and commutes.

Definitive Comfort

Home earpads with premium soft Protein surfaces are built using memory foam for better fitting your head, while the On-the-go earpads with breathable fabric sport a lighter and fresher design. Finally, the oval-shaped interior of the earpads enhances the isolation and gives your ears plenty of space.

One Headset to Hear Them All

No more carrying different headsets for different devices. Phontum S, with its 4 to 3 pole adapters, will work with phones, consoles, laptops, desktop computers and many other devices with 3.5mm audio jacks, allowing you to enjoy the best audio quality irrespective of where it comes from.

Cougar Phontum S Gaming Headset



  • Pad Material

    Memory Foam &
    Large Pad-Protein Leather
    Small Pad-Protein Leather

    Mic Driver

    Φ9.7mm Cardioid

    Pad Selection



    Integrated Metal-frame


    3.5mm: Headphone & Splitter

    Audio Controls

    Detachable Inline Controller


    Graphene Φ53mm

    Mic. Type




    Gaming Platform

    PC / Console / Mobile

    Dual Chamber


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