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HP300XL Colour

OEM manufacturer:HP
Colour:Cyan, Magenta and Yellow
Jet Tec Ref:101H030031

 2 Year Full Money Back Guarantee
 Does Not Invalidate Your Printer's Warranty
 ISO Standard Production & Testing

Jet Tec HP300 CXL Colour

  • DeskJet: D1660, D1663, D2500, D2560, D2563, D2660, D5560, F2420, F2480, F2492, F4210, F4224, F4240, F4272, F4275, F4280, F4283, F4288, F4580
    Photosmart: C4670, C4680, C4683, C4685, C4688, C4740, C4780, C4783, C4795
    Envy: 100, 110, 114

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