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The Razer Sphex V2 is the one premium ultra-thin gaming mat, unsurpassed by the competition. With an optimized surface that delivers absolute responsiveness and the improved multiuse adhesive, this incredible mouse mat provides you with uncompromising control regardless of where you are.

Razer Sphex V2 Ultra-Thin Form Factor, Optimised Gaming Surface

    • Optimised ultra-thin gaming surface for absolute responsiveness; regardless of sensitivity or type of sensor, this incredible mouse mat ensures you're always in control of your game
    • Improved adhesive base for better grip on any surface; the adhesive used for the Razer Sphex V2 is designed for improved durability
    • Washing it doesn't compromise the adhesive base layer, so you can always get peak performance from this ultra-thin mouse mat
    • Available in two sizes to suit your specific needs. Excellent tracking quality for both laser and optical mice
    • Whether you need more space for larger movements or a more compact surface for easier portability, the Razer Sphex V2 is designed to be a ideal fit
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