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As good as new

Investing in a renewed laptop presents an exceptional opportunity to acquire a high-quality device at a remarkable discount. These renewed laptops undergo a thorough refurbishment process, ensuring they attain a like-new condition, instilling the utmost confidence in their performance.

Moreover, choosing renewed technology aligns with environmentally conscious practices by reducing waste and extending the lifespan of these devices. Make a smart and eco-friendly choice by opting for renewed laptops that not only meet but exceed your expectations, both in terms of quality and sustainability.


Grade A laptops

  • Thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • Refinished lid
  • Refinished palm rest
  • Included touchpad and buttons
  • Refinished underside
  • Reprinted keyboard using UV technology
  • UV printing provides a wear resistant finish
  • New installation of Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 Pro
  • Brand new packaged box with inflatable end caps
  • 12 months Warranty

Refurbished Dell 5400 Intel Core i5-8365U 16GB 256GB SSD 14" FHD Laptop

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    • Intel Core i5 8365U
    • Genuine Windows 10 or 11 Pro
    • 14″ Widescreen Display
    • 16GB Ram
    • 256GB SSD
    • Intergrated Wireless
    • Webcam
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