The SCRIPSI is a truly dependable input device. It’s a real pleasure to type on when you need to use your PC for work, and cuts a fine figure when you’re enjoying some downtime. The full-size key layout plus arrow keys and numpad give you total control, plus the keys’ smooth keystroke mean your hands won’t feel tired even after hours of typing. Your eyes can also relax thanks to the clear layout and stylish design with its dynamic lines.

Scripsi USB PC Full-size Keyboard, UK Layout, Black



  • Features
    - Reliable Technology for Office Use
    - Stylish Design and Clear Layout
    - Full-size Keyboard, Including Arrow Keys and Numpad
    - Height Adjustable for Maximum Ergonomic Comfort
    - Connector: USB
    - Easy Installation
    - Ready to Use Straight Out-of-the-box Thanks to Driverless Plug&Play Installation
    - Three Status LEDs
    - 1.4m Cable
    - Dimensions: 446 x 153 x 27mm (WxDxH)
    - Weight: 400g