The THUNDERSTRIKE Gamepad makes gaming fun and easy on the PC thanks to its clear layout and driverless installation. It has eight digital buttons for action-packed games, plus it features four quick-access shoulder buttons and two analogue sticks for fast and precise commands. In addition, you can activate the rapid or auto-fire functions at the touch of a button – a really handy feature that gives you an in-game tactical advantage.

Thunderstrike USB PC Gamepad, Black

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  • Features
    - PC gamepad with USB connector
    - Eight front and four shoulder buttons
    - 8-way D-pad
    - Two precise analogue sticks with button function
    - Analogue and digital mode
    - Switchable rapid and auto-fire functions
    - Driverless installation
    - DirectInput compatible
    - Robust construction
    - Lightweight
    - 1.7m cable