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LOGIX is a brand-new range of desktop PCs designed for business, home and gaming, all hand-built in the UK using branded components.


The LOGIX philosophy is simple - they design, build, test and pack every LOGIX computer to the standards they'd expect if they were buying it themselves. And they have EXTREMELY high standards.

They believe everyone should be able to buy custom-quality, hand-built computers at affordable prices with a reassuringly-long 3-year warranty as standard, and an aftersales service that's the envy of the industry.

• Hand-Built • 3-Year Warranty as Standard • UK Customer Service
• All-Branded Parts • Fully Tested

Thankfully, because LOGIX only partners with well-known brands that have been tried-and-tested over the 10 years they've been building PCs - Intel & AMD processors, Microsoft Windows, Kingston Technology memory and storage, Antec cases, Gigabyte motherboards and GPUs - faults and issues are few and far between but, in the unlikely event something does go wrong, all Logix systems come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty. * Please see terms and conditions.

So, whether it's a PC for the whole family for streaming, surfing and schoolwork, a discreet small-form factor thin client that attaches to the back of your work monitor, or a great-value gaming PC that can be upgraded as your skills improve, LOGIX is the logical choice.

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