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Why Buy a Pre-Built Gaming PC?

Stormforce Gaming, work closely with tier one vendors like ASUS, Gigabyte, Corsair, Intel, AMD and NVIDIA to produce gaming systems with one goal in mind. Reliability. There is nothing worse than dropping into a game with your squad and someone disconnecting at a critical point because of a system failure. Stormforce have 25 years experience in building PC Systems. Rayleigh Computer Shop are  an authorised Seller and Local Support Partner for customers buying their systems through us.

The Best Most Reliable Components

Every individual component used within the Stormforce Gaming range is extensively tested before being approved for use. They benchmark, grade and rate every product used in their systems from the lowest cost internal cables up to the most expensive flagship video cards. Testing procedures test for compatibility, gaming & workload performance and component reliability. There are plenty of PC builders who will offer a low cost system using the lowest price point components possible, but a gaming PC is a big investment and the testing procedures remove any doubt that the components in your system will let you down. In addition to a strict qualification procedure, Stormforce Gaming builds all systems in house in their UK based manufacturing facility. Their systems production facility showcases excellent build quality no matter the price point of the system you purchase. Close attention to detail is paid to cable management and airflow within every gaming unit they offer meaning that components run cooler and perform better, longer.

Excellent Build Quality and Fully Tested Ready to Use

When your system is built a multi stage quality control procedure is carried out. Inspections on thermals, noise levels, connectivity and extended operational tests are carried out to ensure that each system leaves with optimised firmware, driver and software packages. This makes Stormforce Gaming PCs a truly plug and play experience.  In addition to the time spent on building and configuring hardware, each Stormforce Gaming system is supported by a full 3 year, collect, repair and return warranty. Many warranty services on pre built gaming systems only cover collection for a limited time. After that time lapses, a return to the manufacturer can prove costly. In the unlikely event of a system failure, any Stormforce Gaming system within warranty will be collected from you and returned at no additional cost. 

Interested in a particular system?

Give us a call, message us or visit us in store today. Why buy local? pre-inspection, same RRP pricing and support for your product in-store. If you prefer to take advantage of the 'FINANCE OPTIONS' or 'SPECIAL OFFERS' on limited or end of life products then you must buy these direct from Stormforce by clicking the banner below*.  If you are local to our store you will still get support for your product in-store and we can facilitate any support issues directly with Stormforce on your behalf.

* Rayleigh Computer Shop do not offer 'FINANCE OPTIONS', only payments by debit or credit card in-store and we are unable to compete with any 'SPECIAL OFFERS' on their site.

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