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Brand new for 2019 Game Max are proud to introduce the GameMax ARGB PWM fan hub. Capable of powering up to six system fans (3 Pin or 4 Pin) and with six 3 Pin AURA you can control your connected fans or LED strips from compatible motherboards.

The performance of the hub is excellent with a PWM function built in, it makes it easier than ever to control your fan speed (non-PWM fans will run at full speed). Get even more control over the appearance of your fans using the included RF remote controller, control the mode, fan speed and LED speed.

In line with the Game Max ethos this case offers style, performance and the ultimate experience.

The Game Max ARGB Hub is compatible with the following fans:
- Game Max Mirage Dual-Ring Rainbow RGB 120mm Fan
- Game Max Mirage White Fins Dual-Ring Rainbow RGB 120mm Fan
- Game Max Razor 120mm Rainbow ARGB Fan
- Game Max Velocity 120mm Rainbow ARGB Fan

Game Max Addressable RGB PWM Fan Hub with RF Remote Control

  • Fan Output
    The Game Max ARGB hub allows you to connect to six fans and allows the user to expand their cooling capabilities within your gaming PC, ultimately increasing the performance.

    Ultimate Control
    Take full control of your chassis' lighting using the 3 Pin AURA Sync connector included with the hub and sync to a compatible motherboard, Asus, Asrock or MSI.

    RF Remote Controller
    As well as been able to control your fans from your chassis using the built in PWM hub and 3 Pin AURA connector, you can control your fan speed, LED speed or colour mode without any fuss using the RF (radio frequency) remote control.

    SATA Powered
    Powered by a SATA connector ensures safe installation and you can be sure to have safe and reliable power for your six connected fans.

    Easy Installation
    Install the hub without screws for easy installation using the sticker included and it is easily movable should you wish to get the best cable management for your system.

    Fan Connectors Quantity

    Fan Connections
    3 or 4-Pin Fan

    LED Connectors Quantity

    LED Connections
    3 Pin ARGB

    Additional Connections
    1 x 2-Pin (Reset Switch)
    1 x ARGB Motherboard / PWM & 1 x 4-Pin (For SATA Power Connection)

    Via SATA

    RF Remote Controller Specifications
    Connection: RF (Radio Frequency)
    Dimensions ( W x H x D ): 39 x 7 x 85 mm
    Net Weight: 0.015 KGs
    Working Temperature: -30°C - 55°C
    Voltage Supply: 5V - 24V
    Static Power Consumption: 0.5W
    Output Current: 3 x 4A Peak / 3 x 2A Constant
    Frequency: 433.92MHz
    Receiver Range: 50ft (Line of Sight)
    Battery Model: CR2025


    What's In The Box
    RF Remote (With Battery)

    Product Dimensions ( W x H x D )
    95 x 56 x 15 mm

    Packaging Dimensions ( W x H x D )
    131 x 112 x 31 mm

    Net: 0.07 KGs
    Gross: 0.11 KGs

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