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Get an Enhanced SATA SSD Drive for your Everyday Computing Needs

For fast performance and reliability, WD Green SSDs boost the everyday computing experience in your desktop or laptop PC.

Improved Performance for Everyday Computing
With the performance boost from a WD Green SSD drive for your desktop, you can browse the web, play a game, or simply start your system in a flash.

Solid State Dependability
Lightweight and shock resistant, WD Green SSDs use no moving parts and help keep your data safe from loss in the case of accidental bumps and drops.

Less Power. More Play.
WD Green SSDs are among the lowest power consuming drives in the industry. And with less power used, your laptop runs longer.

An Easy Upgrade For Your PC
Compatible with most desktop and laptop PCs, WD Green SSDs are available in 2.5" / 7mm and M.2 2280 models for simple, worry-free upgrading.

Downloadable WD SSD Dashboard And Acronis Software
Monitor your drive's health with the free, downloadable WD SSD Dashboard and clone drives with Acronis True Image WD Edition software.

3-Year Limited Warranty
Every WD Green SSD includes a 3-year limited warranty so you can confidently trust WD for all your data needs.

WD Green WDS480G3G0A 480GB SATA lll SSD

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  • Full Specifications

    480 GB


    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    100.5mm x 69.85mm x 7mm

    Sequential Read Performance


    Avg. Active Power (mW)

    Max Read Operating (mW)

    Max Write Operating (mW)

    Slumber (mW)

    DEVSLP (mW)


    Operating Temperatures
    0°C to 70°C

    Non-operating Temperatures
    -55°C to 85°C

    Operating Vibration
    5.0 gRMS, 10–2000 Hz

    Non-operating Vibration
    4.9 gRMS, 7–800 Hz

    1,500 G @ 0.5 msec half sine

    FCC, UL, TUV, KC, BSMI, VCCI, CE, Morocco, RCM, UKCA

    Limited Warranty
    3 years

    Physical Dimensions

    2.5/7mm cased
    100.50mm x 69.85mm x7.00mm

    Size: M.2 2280
    80mm x 22.0mm x 1.5mm

    2.5/7mm cased
    32.7g, ± 0.5g

    Weight: M.2 2280
    5.10g, ± 0.5g

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