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Input: 100-240V ~ 4.4 A- 50/60Hz

Output: 19V 6.32A 120W

Connecter Size: 5.5mm*2.5mm


LX830-10F, LX830-10U, LX830-11D, LX830-11N, LX830-12M, LX830-12W, LX830-130 ,LX830-137

X70, PA3290U-3ACA, PA3290E-1ACA, PA3290E-2ACA, PA3381E-1ACA, PA3717E-1ACA, PA3717U-1ACA, ADP-120ZB,

Along with the Acer models, this power supply is also compatible with Advent Toshiba Dell Asus laptops with the same power requirements and tip size.

Acer/Tosh/Adv Compatible 19V 6.32A 120W (5.5x2.5)mm Gaming Laptop Charger



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