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Note: The list of compatible models below are a guide only. Please ensure the AC Adapter meets ALL the specifications of your original AC Adapter ie Wattage, Voltage, Amperage and tip size. If you have any doubt contact your Notebook manufacturer.
Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718, li1705 Fujitsu Amilo A1600 A1640 A1645 A1645G A1650 A1650G A1655G A1667 A1667EX A1667G A1840 A2200+ A3667G A6600 A6660 A7600 A7620 A7640 A7645 A8600 A8620 A8625 D6820 D8820 L1300 L1300G L1310G L6810 L6820 L6825 L7300 L7310 L7320 M1425 M7405 V1000 V2000 V2010 V2020 V2030 V2035 V2040 V2045 V2055 V2060 V2065 V2085 V3205 V3405 V3505 V3515 V3525 V3545 V7010 V8010 V8210 Fujitsu Celcius H210 H230 H240 Fujitsu ESPRIMO Mobile D9500 D9510 M9400 M9410 M9415 U9200 U9210 U9215 V5505 V5515 V5535 V5545 V5555 V6505 V6515 V6535 V6545 V6555 X9510 X9515 X9525 Fujitsu FMV-6113NA9/B 7000NA2 7160MR2 716NU3 716NU3/B Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO 4100L MG70H MG75E MG75H MG75H/ST MG75S MR16A MR16A/AH MR16AH MR16B MX70R/W NB14A NB14B NB14B/R NB15B NB15B/S NB15B/T NB16B NB16B/M NB16C NB16C/A NB16C/R NB16C/ST NB16C/T NB16C/V NB18B NB18C NB18C/A NB18C/T NB18D NB18D/D NB18D/F NB18D/L NB18D/V NB19D NB19D/D NB50E NB50G NB50H NB50J NB50K NB50KP NB50L NB50M NB53E NB55E NB55E/T NB55G NB55G/T NB55H NB55H/T NB55J/T NB55K NB55K/T NB55L NB55M NB55M/T NB60L/E NB60M/W NB70E NB70E/T NB70G NB70H/T NB75G NB75G/T NB75H NB75H/T NB75J NB75K NB75K/T NB75L NB75L/T NB75L/TS NB75M NB75M/T NB75M/TS NB75MN NB75MN/T NB80J NB80K NB9/1600L NB90J/T NB90J/TS NB90K/T NB90K/TS NB90L/W NB90M/W NB90MN/W NE3/43E NH24C NH26C NX70L/W NX90L/W NX90M/W NX90MN/W NX90R/W RS18D RS18D/D RS18D/ST RS18D/T RS50E/T RS50G/T RS55E/T Fujitsu FMV-C6210 NB40M NB60M/W NB80M NB90M/W Fujitsu LifeBook 8010 8020 A1010 A1110 A1120 A1130 A3040 A3110 A3110 A3120 A3130 A3210 A6010 A6020 A6025 A6030 A6110 A6120 A6210 A6220 A6230 C1010 C1020 C1110 C1110D C1211 C1211D C1212 C1212D C1320 C1320D C1320DA C1320DB C1321 C1410 C2000 C2010 C2032 C2100 C2110 C2111 C2210 C2220 C2230 C2240 C2310 C2320 C2330 C2340 C6632 C6659 C6661 E2000 E2010 E330 E380 E4000D E4010 E4010D E6180 E-6624 E-6634 E-6644 E6646 E-6654 E-6664 E6666 E7010 E7110 E8000 E8000D E8010 E8010D E8020 E8020C E8020D E8110 E8210 E8310 E8410 E8420E E8420LA L1010 M1010 M2010 N3010 N3400 N3410 N3430 N3500 N3510 N3511 N3520 N3530 N5010 N6010 N6110 N6210 N6220 N6410 N6420 S2210 S6310 S6311 S6410 S6420 S6510 S6520 S7000 S7000D S7010 S7010D S7011 S7020 S7020B S7020D S7020E S7021 S7025 S7110 S7111 S7210 S7211 S7220 S7220LA T1010 T1010LA T4010 T4010 T4010D T4020 T4020A T4020B T4020D T4210 T4215 T4220 T4310 T4410 T5010 T5010A T5010ALA T5010W V1010 V1020 V1030 V1040 V1040LA Fujitsu Mobile Fujitsu Mobile 2 A

Fujitsu Compatible 20V, 4.5A, 90W, 5.5/2.5 Tip Laptop Charger



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