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UK layout keyboard


Considered the de facto choice of professional gamers, mechanical contacts are the answer for those who are not willing to compromise, but want the maximum of precision, speed, versatility, response and durability. The KG909 successfully combines the features of a competitive keyboard in a package accessible to any demanding gamer. Animated by 104 blue outemu mechanical contacts doubled by a powerful NKRO anti-ghosting support that allows all keys to be pressed without causing the keyboard to lock, the KG909 is ready to enter the arsenal of those who prefer a consistent resistance to pressing the keys accompanied by the specific tactile / auditory click. . The Rainbow lighting system, uses individual LEDs for each key, successfully fulfilling both the aesthetic task and that of ensuring optimal visibility,

KG909 comes with an intuitive application that allows the programming of the keys with macro instructions, the definition of profiles, the detailed configuration of the lighting system and many others. Simultaneously, using various key combinations, multiple lighting schemes can be selected, or multimedia commands can be accessed. Of course, the option of temporarily disabling the Windows key could not be missing, thus eliminating the possibility of accidental pressing during games.

KG909 comes in an elegant black casing with a matte finish and silver edges. The keys are type suspended and can be detached for easy maintenance. Stability and durability are ensured by the use of an extremely robust plastic chassis that accommodates mechanical contacts validated for more than 50 million clicks, while structural integrity is guaranteed by the front panel of the keyboard made entirely of metal.

Marvo Scorpion KG909 RGB LED Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Switches



  • Model

    Number of Keys

    Switch Type
    Outemu Blue Mechanical

    Key Route
    3.6 +- 0.4 mm

    Switch Rating
    Up to 50 million clicks

    Operating Force
    60 +- 15g

    Multimedia Functions

    Front Panel
    Solid construction with metal front panel

    LED Lighting
    RGB Rainbow

    USB 2.0

    Cable Length

    Windows XP or newer

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